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Are you looking for web design and graphics design in Vermont, New York or New Hampshire? JEG DESIGN INC is an award-winning design company.



JEG DESIGN INC is a professional web design & graphic design company in Rutland Vermont, Not only priding itself on the quality of service we’ve provided for the past 20 years, Jeg Design Inc is a full service digital agency that provides all the necessary skills for you to grow your business’s online presence. We specialize in Vermont Web Design, website development, SEO, social media marketing and graphic design so you have the peace of mind knowing we have everything under control. No matter the size of your business, we supply anywhere from professional custom web design to e-commerce to graphic design, and all things in-between and beyond. All in a timely manner and always on schedule. We’re not satisfied with only get the job done effectively — we strive to get the job done efficiently. 



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86 Vernon Street
(802) 345-6738


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